The Red Eye Termite System utilizes non-repellents instead of expensive slow acting baits. The Nonrepellent foam labels registered in your state or country (Altriset, Termidor, Premise, FiPro and Alpine, etc) allow for Treatment Of Suspected Termites in a vast variety of situations. The Injection Port allows for termite foam applications to be moved through termite tunnels creating a transfer effect and a direct kill of the colony. Although this is not considered a stand alone treatment it will destroy termite colonies if used correctly and contacts termites.


There is no substitute for a thorough inspection and there are no 100% control methods for termites.


The Red Eye Systems Work In many ways:


 1.   As a visual indicator to find termite populations with a injection port that allows treatment directly into termite habitat from the Red Eye Station.

 2.  As a destruction tool for termites when the ground around the station is treated with ALTRISET.

 3. As an indicator with the Inside Termite Alert, a one of a kind inside the wall alert system.

 4.  As retrofit for any termite station on the market today or a hard surface install where a station cant be used. 


The nonrepellent (undetectable to termites) chemicals of today have to pass through the Enviromental Protection Agency's testing procedure and are given labels to follow. In the professional pest control industry the LABEL IS THE LAW. Only states, countries or counties that ban the chemical can prohibit use. In most states the RED EYE TERMITE STATION can be used with one or more of the nonrepellent chemicals available in your state.


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Invented by Pest Management Professional Keith Gross for the Florida market the Red Eye Termite Station is a patented termite detection device that reduces termite inspection times by over 90%. 

The stations use visual triggers to let your technicians know when there is an active termite infestation. No more lost keys, broken stations, or bending over and opening stations to see if there is activity, just glance and KNOW. If there is termite activity the Red Eye will disappear.

Each Red Eye Termite Station also contains an injection port for targeted applications of insecticide directly into the termite galleries. This minimizes your pesticide use and cost of treatment.



Our team includes the best inventor you could ask for and over 15 people who are dedicated to ensuring you have the finest termite monitoring station available.